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Very handy (5*) thread. So, if it's essential to use fiberglass insulation batts, and you simply dont have entry to spray foam or closed mobile boards, what do you need to do? I assume The main element is to really make it unvented and insert in other air-impermeable levels. I'm about to insulate a brand new all-metal cathedral pitched gable roof within the Caribean. The plan will be to fill the cavity among the 4" Z-purlins with R-eleven batting (vapor aspect facing the residing Area). For extra warmth conduction resistance we plan to roll another thinner (filleted?) layer of the batting excessive in the purlins (ie in between the purlins as well as sheeting).

Whilst roof air flow can decrease the potential risk of ice damming, it’s important for builders to Restrict the flow of warmth into roof air flow channels by which include one or more ceiling air barriers and by installing thick insulation, so that as little heat as feasible escapes from your residence.

Ken's depth (#ten) does an excellent job of chilly climate safety. It's what we are seeking: Fantastic airsealing at the interior, fluffy things in the middle, and fantastic drying channels for h2o vapor at the very best. By switching from a low permeability sheeting to your high permeability membrane (at major) with venting earlier mentioned, there is not any a lot more worry for roof rot when at the same time wind washing is prevented during the bays from the air & h2o limited membrane with taped edges and seams. It appears to me being a really durable assembly.

Effectively the roof is going on with the very first layer of insulation (on-leading the purlins, under the roof sheeting). There seems to generally be more than enough House remaining inside the four" purlin cavity for the second layer of R11 for being put in without any modification.

The longer that you wait around to put in rigid foam higher than your roof sheathing after your rafter bays are crammed with fluffy insulation, the bigger the danger that your roof sheathing will accumulate dampness. 1 or 2 many years should be no challenge, but I wouldn't stretch the workout A lot farther than that.

Many thanks Martin - Now I see why my authentic plan for any SIPS envelope was so elegantly straightforward. It looks like min R-10 sprayed under the roof sheathing then a complete-fill of the bays with batt go right here / fluffy, as well as a vapor sealed drywall lid can get me the 'hot' (unvented) roof program the SIPS was from your get go.

No matter whether you decide to really make it vented or unvented, get the main points appropriate — simply because each roofing company augusta ga cathedral ceiling offers opportunities to make significant errors

We offer Qualified building envelope services for residential, commercial, and industrial prospects. If you are a house or business during the Raleigh area, Baker Roofing Company, would be the best option to satisfy your roof restore and new roof building requirements.

During the absence of the airtight ceiling, roof ventilation can do far more damage than fantastic, due to the fact air movement in rafter bays can really encourage indoor air to leak through ceiling cracks.

We will give it a try out. Existing is a fourteen yr previous roof with two" of shut mobile roofing foam with see it here an acrylic elastomeric coating.

Until eventually not too long ago, setting up codes needed that insulated sloped roofs consist of air flow channels right underneath the roof sheathing. A lot of builders still abide by this time-tested method.

I've constructed dense-packed unventilated roof assemblies quite a few moments without issue. Not surprisingly I have not torn into them possibly. I want to see additional examples of failures in These types of assemblies whenever they're in existence.

Even though the GBA website previously incorporates several content on the topic, we carry on to acquire Recurrent questions about the best technique to insulate a cathedral ceiling.

If you need to use only one sort of insulation in unvented rafter bays, you are restricted to spray polyurethane foam. One more possibility, not surprisingly, is to build your roof with structural insulated panels (SIPs).

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